Guanshan Township Farmers' Association-Rice County School(關山鎮農會-米國學校)


Posted Date:2017-11-24



Guanshan Township Farmers' Association Recreation Center has an attractive exterior that shows paintings of lush rice fields and cute smiling grains of rice. The center has a rice museum, the areas for DIY rice snack/rice carving, an agricultural products sales center, and a classroom transformed from an old rice mill and another barn. Visiting the recreation center allows tourists to see many different rice varieties, tools formerly used for the rice production, know how rice is produced, and buy all kinds of rice products.
By utilizing and improving the original rice milling facility, Rice County School proposes an in-person experiential tour of rice production, in which you can process the rice by yourself. Rice is usually cooked, but teachers here will teach you how to make rice cakes using rice and other ingredients. Of course, other interesting activities are offered, such as DIY bee wax candles, DIY 3D ceramic painting and so on.
Another feature of Guanshan Township Farmers' Association Recreation Center is its "dormitory" converted from a barn. If you want something special for your accommodation, Rice County School is your best choice!


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