Xin Gang District Fisherman's Association Fishery Products Sales Center(新港區漁會漁產品專賣店)


Posted Date:2017-11-24


Address 臺東縣成功鎮No.75, Jihui Rd.

TEL 089-855008

FAX 089-850436


Due to the fact that the Kuroshio (also known as the black current) runs along its coast, Taitung County has abundant fishery resources. Based on the unique marine culture along the east coast, Xin Gang District Fisherman's Association launches its own-brand fishery products under the name "Miracles of the Kuroshio."

Now you can find the store of "Miracles of the Kuroshio" right in Sanxiantai Scenic Area. When you travel to Sanxiantai, be sure to visit our store, try delicious delicacy and get gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones!


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Open Hours 08:30~17:30

Consumption Payment must be made at the time of parking in Sanxiantai Recreation Area.
Holiday: NT$150/per tour bus, NT$50/per car, NT$20/per motorcycle
Weekday: NT$120/per tour bus, NT$40/per car, NT$15/per motorcycle

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