Sunny Country of Formosa Resort(日昇之鄉會館)


Posted Date:2017-11-24



On a sunny morning around April or May, if you look to the east from Jean-Zen Daylily Mountain, you will see the sun comes out from the Pacific Ocean between Green Island and Orchid Island. Situated in the mid-southern part of Taitung County, Taimali is a township on the zigzag Southern Cross-Island Highway with a line of palm trees.
Driving along the highway, you can capture the spectacular ocean views as if you were having a trip in the South Pacific!

Taimali is famous because it was the first place where the first rays of the sun in the year of 2000 were cast on. Therefore, Taimali Area Farmers' Association converts an old barn into its Sunny Country of Formosa Resort, providing tourists to Taimali a comfortable, charming and hospitable accommodation. Furthermore, the resort has a multi-functional tourist information center and sells products made with locally grown ingredients, like daylilies and roselle flower that will satisfy tourists' shopping needs.


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Open Hours 進房時間PM 03:00

Parking 5 small vehicle parking spaces

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