Taitung Area Farmers' Association Agricultural Products Exhibition Center(台東地區農會農特產精品展售中心)


Posted Date:2017-11-24



Taitung Area Farmers' Association covers the areas including Taitung City, Beinan Township, Green Island and Orchid Island (Lanyu). In these areas, farmers grow sugar apples, top-grafted pears, passion fruits, loquats and roselle. Also, following the guidelines of the Farmers' Association, local farmers cultivate a wide variety of top-quality rice and have a brand of their own, Puyyuma Rice.
Now, Taitung Area Farmers' Association has developed its own exclusive brand, Essence of Puyyuma, designed a series of souvenirs and run the Genki Gift Shop, which also sells the souvenirs produced by other famers' associations in Taitung County and allows tourists to purchase all Taitung's specialties at one time. 


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