Chenggong Township Farmers' Association- Sanxiantai Sales Center(成功鎮農會-三仙台展售中心)


Posted Date:2017-11-24



Chenggong Township has rich agricultural and fishery resources and some of its famous products include whiteleg shrimps cultivated in pure seawater, sweet navel oranges, Tankan oranges and so on. To keep these locally-produced products fresh as well as break through seasonal restrictions, Chenggong Township Farmers' Association selects the best, locally produced ingredients, which are transformed into all kinds of exquisite souvenirs through the strictly controlled processing and packaging procedure. All tourists who pass on Provincial Highway No.11 can stop here for good shopping.

Now, Chenggong Township Farmers' Association has a sales center at Sanxiantai, the most famous scenic spot in Chenggong Township. The sales center sells quality rice and souvenirs produced in the Huatung area, and also Taitung Sanxiantai Coffee made in Chenggong Township. While visiting Sanxiantai Sales Center, not only can you tour the must-visit Sanxiantai, but also you can buy all sorts of Chenggong souvenirs at one time!


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Open Hours 08:00~17:00

Consumption Payment must be made at the time of parking in Sanxiantai Recreation Area.
Holiday: NT$150/per tour bus, NT$50/per car, NT$20/per motorcycle
Weekday: NT$120/per tour bus, NT$40/per car, NT$15/per motorcycle

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