Toyugi Hot Spring Resort & Spa(東遊季休閒農場)


Posted Date:2017-11-24


Address 臺東縣卑南鄉No.18, Ln. 376, Wenquan Rd.

TEL 089-516111

FAX 089-515026

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Located in Jhihben Hot Spring Scenic Area, Toyugi (Journey to the East) is a hot spring resort that not only features its natural hot springs and local agricultural products, but also offers fully-equipped conference rooms and comfortable accommodation. Toyugi can be the best field trip venue for young students, or the perfect destination for a relaxing hot spring vacation getaway.

The resort occupies an area of 15 hectares, including outdoor recreation area, flower field, 83 rooms and Therapeutic Hot Spring Spa, all of which will make your dream vacation come true. Besides taking a stroll, biking would be another good choice to explore and discover the resort.
Moreover, 0.4 hectare is especially designated for camping and barbecue. If you're someone who loves camping, just bring your camp facilities, or ours are available for hire. Imagine that you enjoy get-togethers with good friends, tasty barbecues and are surrounded by the beauty of mother nature. What a relief!


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