National Museum of Prehistory


Posted Date:2015-01-21



NMP is the first state archaeological museum in Taiwan. Dedicated to the reservation and study of prehistoric and indigenous culture, it exhibits the relics excavated from Beinan site. NMP consists of two parts, the main building and Beinan Cultural Park. Situated near the right of Kangle Railway Station, the main building and its 10-hectare museum area presents explicit introduction on the prehistoric development of Taiwan’s nature and culture as well as the Austronesian culture. Behind Taitung Railway Station, the 18-hectare Beinan Cultural Park is the first archaeological site park in Taiwan. The museum is a design by American post-modern architect Michael Graves and domestic architect Haigo T.H.Shen. While the huge bronze sundial on Sun Square creates an image of prehistoric culture, the building adopts the Austronesian totem and cultural features for exterior decoration. Different theme exhibition halls lead visitors to understand Taiwan’s natural history through geologic, biologic and anthropic development, Taiwan’s prehistory through archaeological findings, and the aboriginal heritage through Austronesian cultural discoveries. The outdoor area comprises the establishments of a musical fountain, a labyrinth, a children’s playground and a scenic garden.


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