Beinan Cultural Park


Posted Date:2015-10-07



In Beinan Cultural Park, the tranquil lawn and trails lead visitors through the rise and fall of life. It was here in 1980 that many slate coffins were excavated during the construction of a new railway station. The relics salvage act in the following 10 years recovered 1,500 slate coffins and over 20,000 pieces of stoneware, ceramic artifacts and jade mortuary objects in addition to rare adobes and burials, which is the most complete archaeological site in Taiwan. Research shows that Beinan Site used to be a community of Neolithic people 2,000 to 5,000 years ago. It is the largest slate coffins burial complex within Pan-Pacific Ocean and South-East Asia, with each coffin buried in north-south direction toward the sacred Mountain of Dulan. The crescent stone pillar was once the community center. It is now a first-class historic site and a permanent landmark. From the two-story wooden lookout platform, visitors can enjoy a panorama view of Taitung Plain and the Pacific Ocean, and beneath it are three slate coffins excavated on the spot. With the archaeological excavation still in process, visitors can observe the work on site or browse the outcome at the Visitor Center.


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