Chulu Leisure Agricultural Area(初鹿休閒農業區)


Posted Date:2017-11-24



Tourist attractions in Chulu Leisure Agricultural Area include Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden, Chulu Ranch, local coffee production and marketing group, Chulu 168 Holiday Villa, Blue Sky Leisure Farm and so on.

Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden is not only a tourist attraction, but also an educational and recreational garden in eastern Taiwan that integrates tourism, agriculture and biotechnology research. Guided tours are offered in the botanical garden in which over 200 species of medicinal plants native to the Taitung area are displayed. Visitors to Chulu Ranch can have horse carriage rides through the pastures and taste fresh milk products and ice cream made with the incomparably thick, fragrant Chulu Milk.

When you come to Chulu, please forget about urban city coffee shops. Taking a sip of Deep Sea Water Coffee or Formosan Masked Civet Coffee produced along the east coast would make your trip enjoyable and relaxing. Another must-visit destination in the area is Adisi Pottery Art Studio, owned and operated by Mr. Guang-Liang Liao (Zudweyi Ruvaniyao). "Pottery is a material that symbolizes the throat of aboriginal people. Therefore, we use artifacts to speak out," says Mr. Liao. The artworks displayed in the studio will show visitors how these Taitung artists praise the harmony between nature and life.

Therefore, how about having a trip to Chulu for your next vacation?

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Transport 【By train】Take a train and get off at TRA Taitung Station. Take Dingdong Bus toward Hualien and get off at Chulu Stop.

Driving From downtown Taitung City, take Gengsheng Rd., pass through the Green Tunnel and keep going north along Provincial Highway No. 9 until you reach Mingfeng Village.


Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the picturesque scenery.

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