Guanshan Chinshui Leisure Agricultural Area(關山親水休閒農業區)


Posted Date:2017-11-24



Starting from Guanshan Chinshui Park, Guanshan Chinshui Leisure Agricultural Area is surrounded by the 12km Guanshan Township Loop Bike Lane that circles Guanshan Township and runs through the town center.
Guanshan Township Loop Bike Lane was the first touristic bike trail in Taiwan. The route is rich in ecological resources and leads tourists to capture the best of the town: tourist attractions, fruit picking activities, delicious herbal cuisine, rice processing experience, and camping in the nature. Just hop on a bike and enjoy the rural life.
To know more about Guanshan, Tianhou (Matsu) Temple, Guanshan Old Railway Station and Guanshan Police Precinct are your must-see attractions. Tianhou Temple has a history of more than 100 years and is the spiritual life center for local residents. Guanshan Old Railway Station was once the focus of local people, but then shut down due to the railway transformation. Thanks to recent innovations and improvements, the old railway station regains public attention and now becomes a new tourist attraction. Visiting Guanshan Police Precinct allows tourists to stroll through the elegant courtyard, enjoy a cup of coffee and explore police relics from different time periods, like the police knife bestowed by the Emperor of Japan, and the oil lamp for the night patrol. It would an extraordinary experience not to be missed.

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Transport 【By train】
Visitors from the northern Taiwan: Take a southbound train and get off at TRA Guanshan Station.
Visitors from the southern Taiwan: Take a train to TRA Guanshan Station, or get off at Taitung Station and change to buses towards Guanshan.
【By airplane】Take Mandarin Airlines or UNI Airways to arrive at Taitung Airport. Tourists can change to buses or trains to get to Guanshan.
【By bus】From Taitung City, take Dingdong Bus or Hualien Bus and get off at Guanshan Stop.

Driving Drive along Provincial Highway No. 9 to reach Guanshan.


There are some ponds and a man-made lake in the park. For your safety, water activities and fishing are strictly prohibited.

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