Sanzhuku Leisure Agricultural Area(山豬窟休閒農業區)


Posted Date:2017-11-24



The "Boars Cave" (Sanzhuku) got the name because the pioneer farmers to the area found wild boars gathering here and playing in the mud. Although boars are rarely seen nowadays, the area has been developed into a recreation farm, which is famous for its charming beauty in four seasons. From the leisure agricultural area, tourists can overlook the picturesque coastline of Nanxing and Shangwu, and appreciate amazing mountain and ocean views from early morning to late night. Sanzhuku is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Sanzhuku presents different scenes throughout the year. The best time for picking plum fruit and enjoying cherry blossom is in January and February. The flowering season for peach blossom, tung blossom and azalea blossom lasts from March through May. From June, July, August to September, fireflies, wild lilies, peony flowers and shell-flowers embellish the mountains one after another. In autumn and winter, fiery maple leaves, snow-white plum blossoms and elegant Taiwan cotton-roses welcome your visit. Moreover, Dawu Township is the plantation area of Phalaenopsis amabilis var. formosa, which is an endemic epiphytic orchid variety native to Taitung and usually blooms from November to the next June.

The leisure agricultural area has rich ecological resources and there is a one-thousand-year-old banyan tree in the nearby primitive forest, showing the stunning beauty of nature. In the morning, tourists watch the sunrise and enjoy the spectacular views. When the night comes, chirping birds, buzzing insects and sometimes the soothing sound of waves lapping the shore lull you to sleep. Sanzhuku is a destination for all seasons and definitely worthy of your visit!

Related Information

Transport 【By train】Take a train and get off at TRA Dawu Station. Visitors can rent a car in front of the train station, or call in advance to request pickup services.

【Bu bus】Long distance bus: Tourists can take Kuo-Kuang bus at TRA Dawu Sration to get to Taitung City and the Kaohsiung-Pingtung area. Local bus: Take Dingdong Bus to and fro Taitung City. Passengers can get on and off at all bus stops along the route.

Driving Drive south from Taitung City or drive north from Fenggang along Provincial Highway No. 9. Visitors can enter Sanzhuku Leisure Agricultural Area from Shangwu Village or Nanxing Village.


Please drive slowly along the rough and zigzag road.

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