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Located in the southeast of Taiwan, Taitung is also the most conductive area for agricultural production in eastern Taiwan. Currently, the developing aspects include environmental friendly education, healthy organic foods, LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) leisure agriculture, diverse marketing channels development, etc. The hope is to gradually expand the foundation and brand image of Taitung's agriculture, and to reach the utmost of agritourism within Taiwan.

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Taitung's superior environment and suitable climate and soil make Taitung a rich place for growing produce.

Taitung faces the Pacific Ocean on the east coast. The Kuroshio current and Oyashio current passes by every year and brings rich fishery resources. On the low plains, high-quality rice is produced. Along the hills, tea, lily flower and roselle are cultivated. On top of the hill, there are also huge and delicious sugar apples. If you come to Taitung, in addition to enjoying the diverse landscape, don’t forget to enrich your travel by trying local cuisines.

Taitung e-Farm / Farm Mall

In order to promote local agricultural products, Taitung County Government has been making efforts in establishing a "Taitung e-Farm" website.

to establish the brand name for

To establish the brand name for "Taitung e-Farm" is one of the essential tasks of Taitung's agricultural development. For Taitung's agriculture, Taitung County Government constructs a "map of agricultural produce," the nation’s first media platform service. After a year of detailed inventory, Taitung County Government consolidated over one hundred agricultural points of information from sixteen different townships, including 650 farmers' and production and sales classes' information. Consumers and business enterprises can immediately access the analysis of annual output and produce information. To be able to connect to the farmers who cultivate the produce helps consumers and business enterprises to have this important agricultural information. To connect "product, origin and farmers" closely strengthens the tie between the demand end and the production end, which also attracts the public and business enterprises to purchase local quality agricultural produce from Taitung.

By integrating thirteen farmers' and fishermen’s associations and their quality produce to put on a platform online, the public will be informed by internet of Taitung and its excellent, safe and fresh produce. They can also order these healthy, safe and delicious products online. In 2015, the mobile version of the e-Farm was established, in line with most mobile phone browsers. Customers can directly browse all kinds of information on the e-Farm site. The system will automatically identify one’s individual vehicle and convert it to its mobile phone version. The interface is easy to operate, which speeds up the shopping process and also provides complete online cash flow. In addition, it also enhances marketing effectiveness, improves the number of visitors and diverse production and marketing media. This platform provides Taitung's agriculture a basis for improvement and acceleration.

e-Farm Easy Shop

e-Farm Easy Shop

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e-Farm Easy Shop

Just a click away, you can enjoy the certified fresh organic fruits and vegetables harvested in the morning!

e-Farm Easy Shop