Guanshan Rice School Teaches You How to Be a Farmer


Posted Date:2017-12-07



Soil and Water Conservation Bureau Taitung Branch invited the local farmers to join Huadong Valley Food Treasure Hunt event, where the parents took their children visiting Radish Bank in Xinpu Community, the rice school in Guanshan Township Farmers' Association Recreation Center, and trying the baby corns in Luye. Through harvesting, cooking, and working in the farms, everyone has gained more knowledge of agricultural production.
Rice School Principal Mr. Peng said “The farmer gets to pick the fruits after cultivating for a long time.” Many people live in farm villages but they don’t really know anything about agriculture. The younger generation even takes the outcomes for granted. Mr. Peng led the event and introduced every detail from harvesting rice to making rice. There was even a quiz of putting the rough rice, rice bran, broken kernels, and polished rice into the right jars to complete the educational event.