Developing Gac and Coffee Industries in Chenggong


Posted Date:2017-12-07



Taitung County Farmers' Association helped Chenggong town promote the tour packages. The marketing director of Chenggong Town Farmers’ Association, Mr. Su, said that the town has been developing coffee and gac industries, and combined with the food education so various DIY classes have been created.
The most popular DIY package is Lei Cha (pounded tea) but since the coffee plantation in Chenggong town is 8 hectares, the “lei coffee” is promoted. The participants use guava wood to pound the coffee beans and ground them into powders, which will be packaged in drip bags or made into a cup of hot coffee. Each cup has different flavors based on the way of pounding.
In addition, the gac is very nutritious. Chenggong Town Farmers’ Association developed a tour package as Gac&Fish Ball DIY. The participants will visit the gac orchard and then make their own fish balls with gac. There are also lemon grass oil distillation workshops. The B&B hosts will take the guests to harvest, and demonstrate the methods of the oil distillation. The final products are pure oil or massage oil.