Growing Chinese Mesona in Changbin May Help Develop the Local Industry


Posted Date:2017-12-07



The east coast is always hit by typhoons when they come so the Tseng brothers in Changbin county have been trying growing plants that can adopt the weather. They find Chinese mesona grows very well and can harvest for years.
Changbin county produces big quantity of rice and camellia oil while the rests have fewer quantity. There were loquats  but due to the heavy labor locals started to plant Chinese mesona. Mr. Tseng said their mother grew a few of her own and boiled some to drink. Her neighbors liked the tea a lot so she grew more. They hope the “xiancao water” and “xiancao jelly” will become famous Changbin local desserts. The Chinese mesona is planted in March to April, and can be harvested in 5.5 months. Chinese mesona doesn’t need pesticides but requires drying for a year to get rid of the grassy smell and to increase the gelatin. Making a good cup of xiancao tea takes skills as well. Mr. Tseng said.