With the promotion of environment friendly agriculture and ecological monitoring, the beauty of traditional paddy terrace has been recreated in Taitung’s Torik Village.


Posted Date:2019-06-05



Torik Village in Chenggong Town, Taitung County held the “Observation and Learning Meeting on Results of Environment Friendly Agriculture and Ecological Monitoring Promoted by Torik Village” to present the results on paddy terrace restoration,friendly agriculture promotion, forest understory beekeeping and a survey on habitat organisms. A multi-winning conservation action has been achieved for the environment, producers and consumers.

Torik Village nestles between the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Range. Taitung Forest District Office has collaborated with Torik Village in promoting “Eco-friendly Agriculture and Ecological Monitoring” since June 2018. With technical guidance of paddy terrace farming and the efforts of the villagers, the knowledge and procedure to grow rice on paddy terrace has been reconstructed. After the integration of Amis traditional farming knowledge and modern science, the functions of production and ecological conservation have been made possible.

Ms. Wu, Xiao-fan, the project manager, indicates that “Torik Village used to be rather biologically diverse, but in recent years its ecological integrity has been less than satisfactory. We are hoping that through the cooperation in restoring paddy terrace,the villagers will come to learn more about friendly farming and conserve and protect the natural ecology together.

We also hope that more farmers in Taitung will be encouraged by this action to open up an agricultural gate for a friendly environment, pursuing the common prosperity between the environment and human beings, and understand the construction of a Taiwan territorial ecological conservation green network promoted proactively by Forestry Bureau to create a friendly environment that protects all the creatures living in these habitats.”