Travel in Taitung with great happiness, and enjoy the different views of changing seasons


Posted Date:2019-05-20



There are 6 leisure agricultural areas in Taitung consulted by the Farmers’ Associations in Taitung County and various townships, which have had excellent results in the evaluation conducted by Council of Agriculture. Chishang Misiang Leisure Agricultural Area and Chulu Leisure Agricultural Area have won the Award of Performance, and Guanshan Chinshui Leisure Agricultural Area has won the Award of Excellence.

One of the major tasks of Taitung County Farmers’ Association has been to counsel and recommend excellent leisure agricultural areas and produce in Taitung. Under the guidance of the Council of Agriculture and Taitung County Agriculture Department, the innovative agricultural experience competition has been conducted for three consecutive years. Through the process of nurturing and counseling, the farmers and relevant industry practitioners are able to jointly promote local agriculture, recommending the freshest and most delicious, freshly harvested food ingredients to visitors. A total of 30 farmers and relevant industry practitioners have been counseled.

Recently, Taitung County Agriculture Department has launched a one-day tour of “Happy Taitung and Fun Farming” together with leisure agricultural areas and travel agencies. The itineraries are designed for different seasons and integrate the most popular innovative farming experiences and seasonal activities. Visitors will not only experience the cultural landscape in East Coast, but also enjoy hot springs and special agricultural products. Travellers won’t have to worry about transportation since it is included in the package. The carefully arranged attractions and farming experience will make the trip fun and interesting.


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