Taitung Special! Let travel experts take you to tribal villages in Taitung to see red quinoa.


Posted Date:2019-05-20



The ears of Taitung red quinoa, also known as rainbow quinoa, will turn into all kinds of colors,such as red, yellow, peach, green or pink when they are ripening. It’s like the village is covered with a beautiful carpet. Red quinoa is not only beautiful and tasty, but also good for your health.
It has become one of the most popular themes in Taitung tourism in recent years. Taitung Branch of Soil and Water Conservation Bureau earnestly recommends this “Taitung Special Tour,” which will help you plan your trip to Taitung and see red quinoa with ease.

The trip of Taitung red quinoa focuses on an in-depth experience of tribes. The experts of tribal travel will lead the visitors to the field of red quinoa for an education on food and agriculture.

Visitors can take pictures and check the colorful fields, harvest fresh quinoa ears to weave garlands,or pestle millet and red quinoa to make mochi to go with the special food of tribal flavor. You’ll go home with wonderful memories of the carefully-arranged itinerary.

Known as the “ruby of cereals,” Taitung red quinoa is not only a healthful food, but also one of the traditional staples of the indigenous people in Taitung. It has a deep cultural connotation.
Through planning and design, the local industry is able to sustain itself continuously and young people are more likely to stay and have a career in the tribal areas. The hotel and accommodation industry, food service industry and car rental industry are also invited to collaborate as a team.
Tourists are welcome to visit the tribes and support the quality produce.


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