13 Restaurants are Selected in the Election of “Green Friendly Restaurant” in Taitung


Posted Date:2019-03-13


13 Restaurants are Selected in the Election of “Green Friendly Restaurant” in Taitung


In 2018, the Agriculture Department of Taitung County Government held the election of “Green Friendly Restaurant in Taitung”; 13 restaurants received the awards. Winners of the Mark Award include: the Seven Quinoa Health Cuisine, Sinasera24 French Restaurant in Dawn Resort, Shark Restaurant and Chihpen Century Hotel; winners of the 2- Star Food Award are Mei’s Hakka Kitchen, Rice School of Guanshan Town Farmer’s Association, and Hongchang Hakka Restaurant; winners of the 1-Star
Food Award are Jianfung Hair Salon,Light Meal & Coffee, Huda’s Kitchen,Taitung Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden, Wuninang Daluhan, MATA House, and Alisa Cafe. At the same time,Seven Quinoa Health Cuisine won the
highest 3-Star Food Award. There are 13 restaurants in total.

Health is fundamental for everything! Many people consume too much fish and
meat during new year holidays and neglect a healthy diet. Plus people today
live a fast-paced life; they eat out frequently and consume too much oil and sugar, but too little fiber. Besides,the air pollution and heavy metal residues in the environment may accumulate in their bodies. How to eat healthy? You must come to Taitung for a food tour.

In order to promote a healthy and safe diet, we encourage restaurants to make
delicious dishes using ingredients which are organic, green friendly, local andhistory traceable. Under the county government’s checking, healthy cooking
methods are taken into account with less salt, less sugar and less oil, so that
people can enjoy the original taste of food with no burden. You are welcome
to try the delicious food at our green friendly restaurants in Taitung. It will be
a healthy start for a whole year.


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