089 Happy Farm Builds Organic Agriculture Development Base


Posted Date:2018-09-25



The Taitung No.3 Market at Ren 2nd Street, Taitung City was rejuvenated as the “089 Happy Farm” after being abandoned for 30 years. The Farm is celebrating its first anniversary in 2018 and will continue to build a friendly organic agriculture development base and community experience center for Taitung.

089 Happy Farm used to be the Taitung No.3 Market. Though located in a residential area, there were few business opportunities, which resulted in its status of idleness for 30 years. To rejuvenate usable land, Taitung County Government started recruiting businesses and transformed the obsolete market into an organic agriculture development base for Taitung County, which was open to the public in 2017.
089 Happy Farm is not only a place to display organic farm products, but also a hotspot for many tourists as it provides fun activities such as pedaling a bike to run the blender to make a glass of juice. The market adopts a diversified and friendly business model and has gradually become a place where local residents buy their healthful vegetables and fruits, get to know the farmers, and learn to make handicrafts.
089 Happy Farm is open between 9:00 and 17:30 from Monday to Saturday. On the first and third Saturday of each month, there will be a friendly market for tourists to purchase the most authentic agricultural specialties in Taitung.