Only in Taitung! Improved Processed Agricultural Products Are Launched!


Posted Date:2018-11-12



Taitung has plentiful high-quality produce. However, since produce has its seasonal limits, the different harvest seasons cause marketing stress for the farmers. By expanding the purposes of the produce with processing techniques, the shelf life of the produce can thus be extended and the products can reach different target customers. In addition, due to the less-than perfect appearance, certain fruits of lower quality cannot enter the market, but they can gross the same amount of profit when made into processed products.

The vegan ice cream made of Xiaxue mango, pitaya, and soymilk allows vegetarians to enjoy the wonderful taste. Meanwhile, the farmers in Luye dehydrate pineapples at low temperatures to make the unique dried fruit “Pineapple Slices” without the addition of any sugar, allowing people to experience the most natural taste of pineapples. The popular Taitung red quinoa is made into three innovate products; one of them is the five-grain rice with red quinoa, which can be cooked directly without being soaked first. There is also the nationally-known Kuai Kuai Snack made with red quinoa. All of them will surprise consumers.

Apart from developing innovative products, the food industry in Taitung also strives to improve customer experience. For instance, dry Roselle is crushed and packed into pyramid tea bags. It takes only three minutes to brew the tea in hot water, suitable for busy office workers in the city. What’s more, the ginger honey tea bags also come in smaller packages, making it easier to carry around and store. 
Many farmers in Taitung use farming methods friendly to the environment and human health to grow high-quality products. During the processing, these farmers often say no to chemical additives or preservatives. This is the characteristic of Taitung’s agricultural products. By developing diverse, distinctive agricultural products, the values of the products will be increased and more people will come to know Taitung’s local specialties.