Try Local Delicacies in Taitung Tasty Vegetarian Dishes beyond Your Imagination


Posted Date:2018-08-08



When taking a trip in Taitung, having good food is not a problem; yet, it is not easy to find local vegetarian dishes. In the East Rift Valley, there is a vegetarian restaurant chain called ShuShiNaiHai, which insists on using fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits to prepare creative dishes in the hope of making customers fall in love with vegetarian food. 

The founder of ShuShiNaiHai said that many years ago, he started learning how to prepare vegetarian dishes despite his expertise in meat dishes, when his child decided to go vegetarian. The whole family went through a period of adaptation when turning vegetarian; initially, it was difficult to transform this family that had been eating meat for a long time. Fortunately, after continuous research and innovation, the founder finally learned how to make vegetarian dishes creative and appetizing at the same time.

The ShuShiNaiHai restaurants are mostly located in remote towns in the East Rift Valley, including Guanshan, Chishang and Ruiyuan of Luye Township. Its main purpose is to popularize vegetarian cuisine in remote areas while providing another dining option for visitors coming to the East Rift Valley. Each dish is made with at least 20 to 30 kinds of local vegetables and fruits so that customers can taste a wide variety of delicious ingredients. The restaurant also promotes Luye’s local agricultural products through the food provided. After all, ShuShiNaiHai’s philosophy is that “the healthiest way is to eat vegetables, eat seasonally, and eat locally.”