East Coast Marlin & Navel Orange Festival Exclusive Taitung Seasonal Tour Awaits You!


Posted Date:2018-10-05



The representative delicacies in Chenggong Township, Taitung County are “marlin” and “navel orange.” In the early autumn every late September, marlins and navel oranges are in season. Therefore, Taitung County especially holds “East Coast Marlin & Navel Orange Festival”, inviting visitors to come taste these fresh local specialties. 

Taitung marlins have always been auctioned at Xingang Fish Market of Chenggong Township. In 2018, the County Government auctioned marlins for the first time and announced the largest marlin’s highest restaurant bidder and the fishing vessel that captured it. The endorsement of the government attracted visitors to join the bidding more enthusiastically. In the future, the County Government will publicly auction the first captured marlin to promote the great flavor of its marlins to the world. 

In 2018, the largest marlin auctioned off by the government was 139 kg and 235 cm long. It was captured by a fishing vessel in Xingang. After the fish was confirmed No. one marlin, it was transported all the way from the fish market to the Marine Environmental Education Center of Chenggong Township. When the white-fleshed marlin arrived in the refrigerated truck, its large size amazed the spectators.

If you come to Taitung during this season, you will notice that the summer heat has subsided. Furthermore, you can taste the freshest marlins and aromatic navel oranges, which attract many visitors.