First Batch of Taiwanese Sugar Apples Arrives in Japan Sweet Taste Wins Wide Acclaim


Posted Date:2018-09-11



Taiwanese fruits are sweet and tasty, and are widely known around the world. In recent years, Taiwan has been actively marketing its fruits to other countries. Following the promotion of jujubes and lychees, Taiwan's specialty sugar apples have arrived in Japan. Taitung County uses the latest techniques to freeze ripened sugar apples to make sure they maintain their best qualities in their frozen state before arriving in Japan. The first batch of sugar apples is going to appear first in Tokyo and Osaka.

Taitung County has 5,500 hectares of land growing sugar apples, which are the County’s important cash crop. After years of research and development, ripened sugar apples are now frozen at minus 50 degrees Celsius, and undergo sterilization and surface antioxidant treatment to maintain their freshness and verdant color. Sugar apples were successfully sold to North America in the summer of 2018. The next stop is Japan, which has had a friendly relationship with Taiwan. The majority of the sugar apples sold to Japan this time are “Damu Sugar Apples,” which account for half of the total yield of sugar apples. Importing sugar apples as frozen food not only solves their problem of being intolerant of storage, but also prevents pest invasion in another country, favoring cash flow and brand image. Furthermore, the pressure imposed on the domestic market by overproduction can also be lessened.