More Than a Catch from the Ocean Chenggong Township Actively Builds Hometown of Sweet Gourds


Posted Date:2018-08-12



Most people are familiar with sweet gourds, but they don’t know that Taiwan is also one of the sweet gourd producers! Sweet gourds are of high nutrition value and called “Fruits from Heaven” in Western countries. Chenggong Township, Taitung County, known for its fresh catch from the ocean, is building the “Hometown of Sweet Gourds” with the help of the Farmers' Association, which aims to build a new image for the East Coast.

In addition to promoting the growing of sweet gourds and family DIY activities, various delicacies, such as sweet gourd ice cream, are developed in the hope of introducing this wonderful fruit to more people and rejuvenating the fallow land in Chenggong Township.

The research conducted by Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station found that the aril surrounding each sweet gourd seed is rich in nutrients when the fruit is ripened; the nutrients include lycopene, vitamin B5, dietary fiber, minerals, β-carotene, etc. It is not difficult to grow sweet gourds, so the farmers along the East Coast are encouraged to plant sweet gourds on fallow land.
Chenggong Township Farmers’ Association has built a flower trellis tunnel of sweet gourds at Meishan Agricultural Specialty Sales Center, which provides outdoor educational tours and family activities, such as ecological tours and DIY sweet gourd crackers. Apart from promoting agricultural products, the Center also invites visitors to learn more about sweet gourds and Chenggong Township.