Abundant Harvest of Sugar Apples in Taitung! Marketed to the USA and the World


Posted Date:2018-08-17



Summer is the season of sugar apples in Taitung. If there are no natural disasters, this type of fruits will also encounter overproduction just like other fruits. Taitung Area Farmers’ Association has decided to market its sugar apples to the world to solve this problem. The first stop is the U.S., and the 2018 sales target has been set to be 200 tons to lay a solid foundation for the future.

The sugar apples produced in Damu, Taitung are large in size, and boast sweet and aromatic flesh. The staff members and farmers from the marketing department from the East area pick the beautiful, high-quality ones and protect them with foam mesh sleeves before they are transported to Western Taiwan. Once the fruits are ripe, they receive antioxidant treatment and quick freezing for the shipment to the U.S.

Apart from the U.S. market, we plan to market the sugar apples from Taitung to Japan using the “frozen method”; the deal is under negotiation. Frozen sugar apples can avoid pest quarantine issues and solve the problems of the fruits being too easily ripened and intolerant of long storage and transport. Marketing sugar apples to other countries can stabilize the price of Damu’s sugar apples and allow the world to appreciate the high quality of Taiwanese fruits.