New Large Fridges and Freezers Built in Taitung County to Extend Shelf Life of Produce


Posted Date:2018-08-01



Taiwan is the kingdom of fruits. The balmy climate and outstanding techniques contribute to its high-quality fruits. Summer is especially the harvest season of abundant tropical fruits. When there are no typhoons or any other natural disasters, overproduction often occurs, causing prices to drop drastically. To avoid the farmers being affected by market mechanisms and to extend the shelf life of produce, the construction of the Organic Shipping Point and Fridges/Freezers in Taitung County started today, and the facilities are expected to run in June 2019. The location is right next to the refrigerated transport courier service station of RD&D Cold Logistics, which provides the produce in Taitung with a channel of storage and marketing. 

The Agriculture Department of Taitung County Government has proactively requested 60 million in subsidies from the Huadong Sustainable Development Fund. The Department plans to build fridges/freezers at the end of Zhonghua Road in Taitung City (the former meat market), which will be a space of 740 square meters equipped with 12 fridges and 11 freezers. In the future, the facilities will be managed by Taitung County Produce Company.

Meanwhile, Taitung may have the overproduction of red quinoa and Roselle. In the future, the produce supply can be regulated by storage in the fridges and freezers in cooperation of the refrigerated logistic station to help expand the market of Taitung’s agriculture and fishery.