New Ways to Sell Fruits in Season! Taitung Makes Rich and Appetizing Banana Ice Pops!


Posted Date:2018-07-09



Taiwan has enjoyed a bountiful harvest of tropical fruits such as pineapples, bananas, and pitayas (a.k.a. dragon fruits). Since hot weather accelerates spoilage, Taitung Area Farmers’ Association has purchased 20 tons of bananas and made them into banana milk ice pops so that the shelf life of these processed fruits can be extended. In so doing, the Association hopes to contribute to the local agricultural industry. 

Luminous Hot Spring Resort & SPA has also made a contribution by making the Le Cordon Bleu Banana Cake! Half of this cake is made of mashed banana. The rough texture and rich banana aroma together constitute a pleasing taste. The Resort has also launched other special deals to attract visitors. 

In recent years, there has been overproduction of turmeric, florist's daisy, and Roselle. As the Farmers’ Association is obligated to help farmers solve this problem, it particularly cooperates with stores to launch banana products, so that consumers can taste the fresh produce and try the ingredients prepared differently. Taitung, famous for its unpolluted environment, has agricultural produce locally made into products specific to Taitung. In addition to providing consumers with safe eating experiences, these products also add more to Taitung’s special features!