Friendly Purchase, Good to Have You Press Conference


Posted Date:2018-07-24


Friendly Purchase, Good to Have You Press Conference


In order to show the gratefulness for the traders who assisted the export of the Taitung, the Taitung County Government held a press conference named "Friendly Purchases, Good to Have You" at the Luming Hot Spring Hotel on July 24, 2018. The press conference was attended by the county mayor, Huang Jianting. Luming Hotel, Tonglin International Company and Guibaolin Fruit Trading Company had been awarded the certificates of appreciation. The county mayor promised that the county government would actively assist in the production marketing, freezing refrigeration process and more to ensure the local farmers' income.

  When the Taitung County Council held the periodical meeting this May, the speaker Rao Qingling and the deputy speaker Chen Hongzong requested the Taitung County Government to help the local pineapple farmers on the low price issue. Right on the spot, the county bureaus and the council took the initiative to subscribe 10 tons of pineapples. County Mayor Huang also negotiated with the mainland to purchase Taitung pineapples. He’s received a friendly response from Fujian Xiamen Business Bureau, who pledged to purchase 500 tons. With the efforts of all the traders, the production and marketing groups, farmers' associations and even the farmers themselves, the export of Taitung pineapples successfully reached 437.5 tons and still continues to increase. Currently, the price of pineapples in Taitung County has stabilized. With the season comes to the end, the mission has been successfully completed.

  Moreover, the attributes to this pineapple promotion event included the representatives from the county tourism industry. We particularly appreciate the chairman of the Luming Hot Spring Hotel, Pan Guilan, who spared no effort to promote on the Facebook page, Line groups and other social media. Luming Hot Spring Hotel has helped the local farmers’ advertisements and the sales of pineapples, which almost made the hotel be renamed as Luming Agricultural Company! 3,000 boxes (about 30 tons) of Taitung Pineapples had been sold.

    In the future, the Agricultural Department will coach farmers to work on contracts, so that farmers will have more ensured stable profit. In addition, the county government also introduced some low-temperature logistics companies, and planned to start the operations by the end of this year. Therefore, the agricultural and livestock products in Taitung County will be able to deliver around Taiwan by the low-temperature logistics distribution. Some freezing facilities will also be built in the Taitung County Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. in the near future. The farmers will be benefit from utilizing the cold storage warehouses to preserve agricultural products. The sales time can be prolonged, and thus solve the problem of low sales prices caused by the mass agricultural production.