Pitaya(紅龍果) Mexican Cactus fruit


Posted Date:2017-11-24

Seasonal Fresh October~November

Origin Taitung City、Beinan Township、Luye Township、Guanshan Township、Chishang Township、Donghe Township、Chenggong Township、Changbin Township、Taimali Township


     Pitaya originated from Mexico and other Central American regions. Depending on the varieties, pitaya can have either white or red flesh. The seeds are small and black. Both its flowers and fruit are edible.
     The harvest season of pitayas in Taiwan is concentrated from May to October. They are grown in many places, but Changhua and Tainan have the largest cultivation areas.
     Pitayas have a unique outlook and high nutritional value. It is considered a treasure among 21st century fruit and vegetables. Especially, cactus is high in fiber and low in calories, rich in nutrients like vitamin C and chlorophyll. Dozens of different ways have been developed to consume it.
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