Sugar apples(釋迦) The green gold of Taitung County


Posted Date:2017-11-24

Seasonal Fresh January~February & August~December

Origin Taitung City、Yanping Township、Beinan Township、Luye Township、Guanshan Township、Haiduan Township、Chishang Township、Donghe Township、Chenggong Township、Changbin Township、Taimali Township、Jinfeng Township、Dawu Township、Daren Township


    Sugar apples have a unique flavor. It contains more sugar and less water, and is considered a high calorie fruit. Sugar apples are suitable to grow on gravel ground due to good drainage and a warm dry climate. The cultivation process may be slightly different depending on the breed. 
     Taiwan is considered to have the world’s largest sugar apple cultivation area, the best production technology, and the best quality sugar apples. Taitung also has the best quality sugar apples. Two-thirds of the exported sugar apples are from Taitung. The main sugar apple exporting countries include China, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong and other areas. Sugar apples are called the green gold among the fruits. 
How to eat sugar apples:
1. Do not put sugar apples in the fridge before they are ripe; otherwise, they will not be edible. 
2. Before consuming sugar apples, feel the surface to see whether they are soft. If so, they are good to eat. 
3. In general, sugar apples become ripe in three days in summer, and three to five days in winter. 
4. Pineapple sugar apples take three to five days to ripen in winter.
5. If you want to eat sugar apples sooner, you can wrap them in newspapers to accelerate the process. If you want to consume them slowly, you can just put them in an airy place.
6. In general, you can eat sugar apples right away once you open them. However, you will need a knife to cut pineapple sugar apples open.
7. The flesh can be taken out and put into a container and stored in the fridge for five days. 
8. The flesh can be stored in the freezer for a month.
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