Valencia Late Orange(晚崙西亞橙) Sweet taste of late-maturing orange


Posted Date:2017-11-24

Seasonal Fresh March~April

Origin Beinan Township、Guanshan Township、Haiduan Township、Donghe Township、Chenggong Township


    Valencia late orange is also called "shiang ding"(scented orange) in Taiwan, which shows this kind of fruit is similar to oranges but has more fragrance. Valencia orange belongs to the citrus family, but in a sweeter line. It originated in Azores island, Portugal and the harvest season is from March to April.
     The sweetness, acidity, and aroma of Valencia orange is stronger than other oranges or other citrus, mainly because Valencia orange takes a longer time to mature compared to regular citrus fruit. Regular citrus takes about eight to ten months from blossom to being mellow, but Valencia orange takes fourteen months. As a result, the taste is better than other citrus.
     In Taiwan, Valencia orange is mainly cultivated in Chenggong Township and Donghe Township and some in Guanshan Township and Chishang Township. Every year, Guanshan Township Farmers' Association and Donghe Township will hold special promotions by hosting an Orange Festival, where visitors can not only enjoy Valencia oranges but also do some fruit picking. Valencia late orange has become one of the most popular specialties in Taitung.
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