Daylily(金針) "Mother Flowers" according to traditional Chinese customs


Posted Date:2017-11-24

Seasonal Fresh August~October

Origin Beinan Township、Chishang Township、Chenggong Township、Changbin Township、Taimali Township、Jinfeng Township


    Daylily is a perennial herb and it also represents "mothers" in China. Daylilies have long leaves and orange blooms from summer to fall, flowering for up to 6 months. Also, daylily leaves are the raw material for making rice paper. Daylilies can grow in all kinds of climates, can be seen on plains as well as on high mountains, and are also common in home gardens. There are many kinds of daylilies in Taiwan, and Taitung is the main cultivation area.
     In recent years, Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station has promoted a new breed of daylily called "Taitung No.7", which has a flowery odor and is suitable to plant on plains. Whether it’s for food or dry goods, the color stays yellow and does not turn black. The texture is also good, and very suitable for making it into daylily products that do not contain sulfide.
     Day lilies have various usages. Before the existence of chemical dyes, daylilies were often used as a natural dye. Their buds can be used in foods, their stems (young leaves) can be used as vegetables, and their thick roots can be used for Chinese herbal medicines. In particular, daylilies have little fat and contain a lot of sugar and protein, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and iron as well. It is one nutritious vegetable.
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