Coffee(咖啡) Unique island coffee flavor


Posted Date:2017-11-24

Seasonal Fresh January~March & October~December

Origin Taitung City、Yanping Township、Beinan Township、Luye Township、Guanshan Township、Haiduan Township、Chishang Township、Donghe Township、Chenggong Township、Changbin Township、Taimali Township、Jinfeng Township、Dawu Township、Daren Township


     Drinking coffee has become a part of daily life for many people. The history of coffee is almost impossible to verify. Various varieties can be divided according to the climate of cultivation and classification of terrain. They can roughly be divided into categories of highland cultivation, low land cultivation and minimum altitude cultivation.

     In order to increase the production of the fruit, coffee farmers usually trim the coffee tree to less than two meters tall. The mature fruit of a coffee tree looks like cherries. A pair of seeds, known as coffee beans, has to be removed, and undergoes a process of peeling, fermentation and baking. Finally, a cup of aromatic coffee is completed.

     So far, the world’s largest coffee cultivation country is Brazil. Comparing to other large coffee-production countries, coffee-growing in Taiwan belongs to small-scale farming. Taiwan's cultivation of coffee began in the 18th century and there was a coffee nursery development center in Taiyuan Basin, Taitung during the Japanese colonial period. Taitung's favorable weather and sufficient sunlight are conducive to cultivating coffee, and the coffee produced here has an island flavor. Currently, Taitung County Government and Farmers' Association position Taitung coffee's direction as fine coffee, hoping to make a hit with island flavor coffee.
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