Rice (稻米) The most important crop in Taiwan


Posted Date:2017-11-24

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Origin Taitung City、Yanping Township、Beinan Township、Luye Township、Guanshan Township、Chishang Township、Donghe Township、Chenggong Township、Changbin Township、Taimali Township、Dawu Township、Daren Township


     Rice is the main food and the most important crop for Taiwanese people. Rice can roughly be divided into three kinds: indica rice, japonica rice and glutinous rice. After the shell is removed, the rice is called brown rice. Brown rice contains 92% of the endosperm, 3% of the germ, and 5% rice bran layer. Although the taste is not as good as white rice, brown rice is more nutritious. Ridding of bran layer, it becomes germ rice. To continue ridding of the herm, it becomes white rice which is what we normally eat.

     East Rift Valley is an important rice production area in Taiwan. The climate, water, soil and pollution-free environment in the southern part of the valley, such as Chishang Township, Guanshan Township, and Luye Township in Taitung, provide an area to produce great quality rice. Among them, Taiken No. 9 Rice from Chishang Township, Taitung, is always the champion. "Fulu Rice" from Luye Township was invited several times to participate in expositions in Japan. "Emperor's Rice" from Guanshan Township was the royal rice used as a tribute to the Japanese emperor during the Japanese colonial period. Each of these kinds of rice has its unique flavor. Whether riding a bike or riding a train through the valley, you will always be amazed by the scenery of beautiful green rice waves and majestic mountain. 
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